Rising #1 9-11


Allegra Brelsford Quilts

As art, the graphic nature of quilt design provides a contemporary look to an ages-old technique, making today’s quilt relevant, recognizable, and accessible. I find the vision of the early studio quilt movement of the 1980′s, as led by those such as Nancy Crow and Michael James, to be my strongest inspiration, and I count Nancy as one of my most important teachers. My primary interest has always been color, and lately I have been “making fabric” by sewing strips, cutting them on the crosswise, and composing directly from the resulting shapes and lines.

The softness and accessibility of fabric began and belongs in the home. Fabric can bring the feeling and comfort of “home” wherever it goes. I can’t imagine a better kind of art to have on the walls of my home but that which is made from fabric. My observation over the years is that quilts appeal to everyone; the most unlikely of us will often find ourselves compelled to get close and touch. Quilts do not simply add interest to a space, they also add comfort. The nature of a quilt (simply defined as any two or three layers stacked and joined together), provides a soft dimension and texture that is real and wholesome. It is one of my drivers to see that quilt making gains the place in the public eye as any other art medium.

Lately I have been working in a series that I call “Rising.” I owe Lisa Call my gratitude for encouraging, indeed insisting, that I work in a series. I am interested in the idea of what humanity chooses to create, design and build here on the surface of the earth, and how that reaches upward. And what comes back in response, whether from nature, or from our own doing? The Rising series so far looks at the events of 9/11 in New York City, early spring, the cracks in the concrete, the skyline at dusk, and continues to explore a myriad of other themes. Take a look in the gallery to see how this develops!


Upcoming Group Exhibit: The Gold Standard, presented by the Textile Study Group of New York. February 5-23, 2020. Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY. “Sails 6 Green Current.”

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